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Downhill Warrior Update

2016-01-15 09:44:29

I've updated Downhill Warrior!

Here's what this update covers:

  • New Graphics:

    The first version of the game used some free sprites I found on the web as placeholders. I went ahead and created my own trees and rocks, s...

Downhill Warrior

2015-12-30 16:21:20

I've been working on a new game called Downhill Warrior. It's aimed at mobile devices but there will be a PC/web version too. In it's current state, Downhill Warrior is a skiing game where you avoid randomly generated trees and see how far you c...

Building a New Home!

2015-08-17 16:41:14

Welcome to robdoesWEB!

If you're not sure how you ended up here or what this is all about, my name's Rob and I'm a freelance web developer. This site is my home for experimentation, to showcase previous projects, share my expe...