Downhill Warrior

2015-12-30 16:21:20

I've been working on a new game called Downhill Warrior. It's aimed at mobile devices but there will be a PC/web version too. In it's current state, Downhill Warrior is a skiing game where you avoid randomly generated trees and see how far you can get before crashing or getting bored. I plan to add some other obstacles and jumps, and some obstacles (penguins) that if timed correctly, you can jump over and cut off their heads with your skis.

Also planned for the future:

  • Online high score list
  • Native applications for iOS and Android (using Apache Cordova)
  • Facebook integration to "challenge a friend"
  • And probably a whole bunch more!

You can play a terrible demo by going to And you can follow the progress by subscribing to my blog and visiting the Project Page